Join our Zeus Marine Ship Supplier Co.

Working on with our company is certainly a 180-degree change from life in an office or other land-based positions. You will be taking your work home with you, as you will be living where you work.

While there is no "nine to five" lifestyle onboard our building, the challenges can be rewarding in many ways - from the travelling experience and knowledge you will gain to some much needed downtime.

What We Expect


Ship at Zeus Marine are responsible for repairing, stowing, and preparing most deck equipment, such as cargo-handling gear. During docking or departing, sailors handle ship's mooring lines. At sea, they stand watch and steer the yacht according to manager's instructions.

chief stewardess

The chief stewardess will carry out her duties and responsibilities under the direction and authority of the captain. Her work will also train and manage any lower-ranking stewards and stewardesses under his or her supervision. Excellent service and managerial skills are a necessity.


The main function of the Engineer is to maintain the mechanical and electrical operations of the yacht. This position will entail very large, complicated jobs, and it can, at the same time, incorporate something as small as fixing a remote control for guests, or fixing a toilet.