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Our technical department tries to meet all the customer’s demands. For that reason we have many technical stores items on stock in our technical warehouse. By having so, we are able to deliver these items with a very short lead time and by buying in bulk we are able to reduce the price per item in comparison to many of our competitors who have a more limited selection of technical stores stock items.

This is how we differentiate ourselves and show that we are a one-stop shop for our customers, with the ability to deliver items with very short lead times. This is especially important for technical stores as they can sometimes mean the difference between a vessel having to stay in a dry dock for one (or more) extra day(s). Also see the Ship Repair, Hold Cleaning, supply pages.

Full-outfitting of new buildings

By having the right in-house experience, tools and products, in combination with a very extensive network of suppliers with whom we have been working for many years, we are able to offer full outfitting of new-buildings.

Publications & Charts

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Safety Equipments

Gemi güvenlik malzemeleri.


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